Sick of the game kicking me, not letting me back in

  • The game kicks me out, or it freezes so I go to go back into the game and it doesn’t offer me the option to return to the game and I end up losing 10 elo points, so sick of these especially when I am having a good game, been trying to get my score above 1200 but crap like this isn’t letting me get there, been up so close to getting there and this crap happens, so frustrating

  • @BlindmikeyC Happens to most players I know. And me too, of course. :unamused:

  • I must have got more than 30 "you are offline" messages and a kicktimer along them , in one single game. My connection is fine , everything else working perfectly. I think Catan is the only game in the world which launches an update to add more problems to the game

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