Can Not Reach Server

  • Is there anyone Looking at the Server Issue???

  • @ItsMabes I agree. It’s been a lot while since the serves went down. Still no update on their social media.

  • No-one works on the weekend. Is it really OK if a service you paid for does not have any support 28% of the time?

  • @administrators this is getting ridiculous. What’s the gain to use scrolls when the servers are offline or unreachable while you are under those 24 hours of play you payed for. Now I found another glitch where a scroll already in use with time left, and the servers can’t be reached, the game starts taking my scrolls away. Before this servers nightmare began again I had 10 scrolls, now I’m down to 5 and haven’t even been able to play or use one scroll for the full time. This is ridiculous me I demand my scrolls to be back at 10. Username “Andres264”

    Thanks and get your servers together!

  • administrators

    @Andres264 Your account has now 7 Tickets again, like before last weekend. Please excuse the inconveniences the server issues might have caused.

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