Are there better online versions of this?

  • I would like to continue playing simple and fast games of catan. This just doesn't cut it for that. With PlayCatan closed, is this available anywhere else?

  • Hey, I had the same thought and spent some time looking for other websites - but nothing looks good at the moment. Some have suggested , but there's a waiting period of a week after registration there. I've signed up. I really hope the owners of catan universe will realize their error soon. They're literally driving users to look for alternatives.

  • Yes, we are in trouble now. The old server seems to have gone offline, and I can´t even login to the new one. Tried to register again, and everything was fine, but once I try to log in, the button doesn´t seem to work!

  • metaphorically speaking, maybe old-catan users should union and gather resources to develop their own might have fantasies of a game very visually different from catan but very similar in speed and rules... just metaphorically speaking...

  • I also like the old web-based version better. Quick and easy to play.

  • The pace of play on this new version is just awful.

  • i mis u all. regards jeanine 16.0

  • @lovecatan when i finaly was my turn to register after waiting period they told that i need wait more also i found out that they does not accpet popular email providers so i think that is unbelievebal hope

  • @lovecatan maybe you can tell what email you used?

  • @vipitapa hey, at asogames you need to use any email I'd that isn't any of the free services like gmail, yahoo etc. I used my office email Id and didn't have to wait the full five days. The gameplay there is really good and there's a ranking system that makes it fun. Would certainly recommend it to everyone here.

  • This site in short is bad. Very slow, takes forever to play a game, games are focused on new graphics rather than play. All boards are the same, bring back the old site PLEASE!!!!!! It was simple and efficient! It was fun! This site is terrible.

  • @lovecatan iv tried register whit,, no one email they did not accepted and contact whit administration also is not possible... :(

    as you are already registered there maybe you can help me?

  • @lovecatan said:

    asogames is bad. I waited the week and found it to be unplayable. Not as bad as CatanUniverse but bad.

  • @rutamtam i like the idea

  • It's unbelievable how much they've alienated their user base. Apparently there are even allegations that CatanUniverse has begun censoring members who have been critical of the flawed program. This is almost unanimous dislike, and yet I feel like they've sunk too much money into the new platform to go back now, which is a true shame. The past iteration was really something great. I've always LOVED Cities & Knights, yet after one game of regular settlers that went so terribly I cannot even bring myself to try again. It's that bad.

  • Does anyone know why PlayCatan closed? The new version is just not nice. I'd like the old one back... can we lobby someone for this??

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