report errors.

  • Please make it easier to report errors, especially in the app.
    I am not sure what is happening, and I have forgotten many that I have seen. To start, one glitch I think I have noticed. Is the fact trades don't always work, and sometimes you seem to only lose commodities on the trades.
    Also I had an error where I rolled and the dice stayed under the ai player until I ended my turn.
    There have been more but those two where the deciding factor for worth mentioning. I love this game and hope it runs smoothly. My friends and I play the board game as well.

  • Also another error, I placed a road, it took the commodities but never placed the road.
    And I was playing before I made this report, the dice thing happened again. A total of 3 rolls, without the dice being displayed along with the dice staying in front of the ai player.

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