Can’t reach server

  • The server appears to be down. Tried logging out and can’t log in because it can’t reach your server. My Internet is working fine.

  • me too. this is terrible.

  • same. not working

  • Server seems dead to me as well. California?

  • Not working for me either. Been trying for several hours.

  • Anyone going to fix this? It's terrible if you have the game, but can't play it. I purchased the expansions, but it sucks that I can't even play them offline.

  • My app updated and now i am unable to log in.
    I also can not open the Terms of use documents.

  • @administrators @Moderators @Developers @KOSMOS
    Either getting Can't reach server" or Offline error
    This happens a lot.
    I have tried the usual remedies, even searching for %appdata% and deleting UNITY folder which normally works as last resort.....
    Would be lovely if you fixed this once and for all. It is not an error on my end. Internet is just fine, other online games work perfectly. PLaying on PC, WIN 10 via Steam....

  • still dead

  • When the server goes down on a weekend, they usually will not fix it until Monday. Is this horrible? Oh yes. Why would anyone keep playing here, I don't know.

  • So, I can connect, but only sporadically with disconnects. It was working earlier today, but right now for example, I cannot connect. I did for 2 seconds connect, tried again, then it said the game has ended.

  • Server down in Vancouver as well.

  • Hi everyone. Thank you all for your patience and please excuse the server issues during the weekend our team was able to fix the issue and now everything should be back to normal. Since the issue occurred 2 times very early in the morning (CEST) it took some time to react to them.

  • I can’t reach the server again. Wow some real problems.

  • I’m getting constant “Can’t reach server” messages.

    It’s intermittent but it’s not my internet connection. I’ve logged out of the app & logged back in. I’ve killed the app on my iPhone.

    Karma is now 1 star and I’m seriously regretting ever paying for this app.

  • @Mons00n1 I can stream podcasts & YouTube videos with ZERO issues. So please don’t bother saying it’s my connection.

    It happens on WiFi and LTE and 5Ge. I have a 100Mb cable internet service provider that’s VERY stable & my LTE/5Ge connection is 151Mb down & 17Mb upload. So no issues there either.

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