Game freezing and no tech support response

  • Game keeps freezing during the arrival on Catan challenge when playing the knights and barbarians mission. I have tried reinstalling the game, logging out and back in, and using another account but it still freezes on that mission every time. I have been trying to contact tech support through the App Store for 3 days but I haven’t heard back. Does this company provide tech support or did this app already go belly up?

  • administrators

    @Agrios101 the best way to reach our support is via If you are facing issues in the game, commenting in the stores (especially in iTunes), isn´t the best way to reach out for us. This is because there is a delay of up to 24 hours until we see your review and another delay of up to 24 hours until you see our response. This is due to Apple policies for reviews. Also, we will most likely need further information to resolve the issue.

    Long story short: Best contact us via and our support team will do their best to resolve issues as fast as possible for you.

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