Keep field of vision stationary during gameplay

  • I really like the look of the new website, but would it be possible to keep the field of vision stationary during gameplay? I don't like having to center in on each settlement or road that is built or see every resource that each player earns every roll. I also echo the previous suggestion that the gameplay must be sped up.

  • I agree. I like to be able to see the whole board all the time. I like that the current actions are highlighted but I don't need to move to them to see that they are happening.
    If there was an option to select to follow the actions that would be ok, but I personally wouldn't use it. Hopefully the default settings per individual stay when you log out so that you don't have to keep re-selecting each log in.

  • I also don't like how the proposed trades keep shoving in your face one after another. In order to evaluate if you should trade with someone you want to be able to see what settlements they have and what resources they have access to, so I totally agree with you. I don't trade merely on how badly I need a resource, but also how me giving a particular resource helps a particular opponent. And why no counter offers, only accept or decline?

    I'm sure it would get better as I get used to it, but DEFINITELY not having clear vision of the board at most times makes play difficult. I kind of understand how the new music and graphics give a richer vibe to the game, but it slows and muddies gameplay at least in the way it's been implemented.

    I think all the exaggerated visual cues are used because they wanted nice music (without dice rolls, or card sounds) and art/animations (without "ugly" data and stat displays).

    So yeah I'd agree, I think they should back the board up, keep the camera still, and have trade be visible without blocking the board IMO.

  • I too would like the board to:

    1. Stop lurching around

    2. Be in view the whole time

    I don't want to make blind trades. And that constant swinging up and down of the trade board makes me sea sick.

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