Lost connection

  • Ever since update Catan Universe 1.7.3 I have had multiple lost connections to server. I have received these in the past, but I have yet to finish a game since the new patch due to kicks/lost connection. I have played via steam and browser, and app. Is there something going on with the servers? I have internet every single time because other things are working on the same device. Please fix the lost connection to server issue since it is not new, but has now become a more prominent issue.

  • @razidas @administrators @Developers Hear, Hear! :ear: The "lost connection" bug :bug: is really bugging me :exclamation:

  • I have been in "Cannot connect to Server" for the past two days. What is going on?

  • administrators

    @robefar have you tried to manually log out and back into your account? This will establish a new connection to our server.

  • @razidas @Administrator
    The fix they keep telling us to do is not the remedy. I try ALL the suggestions each time and it seems to be a matter of hit and miss for any of them to work.
    In my humble opinion it is not the player's issue but CU's.... People are just getting plain tired of reporting bugs, esp. recurring bugs....
    This is all so frustrating.....

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