Faster Games

  • Hi
    Players to take their turns. I have 2 suggestions:
    1/ give players to play AI (the computer) as this is always very fast and therefore enjoyable
    2/ Reduce the timer so experienced players have less time. For example if you are learning Catan online and your ranking is 1-5 you have the full time limit. Ranking 6-10 you have for example 30 seconds and if your ranking is 11-20 you have only 20 seconds etc.

  • @danimaldog What slows me down is not inexperience, but often tech trouble/ glitches/ refreshing/ being stuck. If the timer is shortened, only more kicks will be the result. And in more complex szenarios, you have to build and buy a lot, it is difficult to play all the cards as it is.

  • There are players who uses the timer in a very annoying way. It happened to me more than once that:

    1. A player waits to roll the dice when s/he has the robber on her/his terrain and wants to get a 7 (we all know that the longer you keep the turn, the higher the chance to get a 7);
    2. A player who felt s/he was unfairly treated by some of the opponents, uses the time as a strategy to piss off the other players (openly confessing this in the chat).

    I think the time has to be reduced, especially to roll the dice.

  • @siriux_to If someone slows down the game to retaliate, and even confesses :trollface: :speech_balloon: in the chat about his, you simply have to hover over his avartar :neckbeard: and do a right mouseclick to file a report. :police_car:

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