What 2 year old is in charge of testing/fixing this game?

  • I have bought a few versions of the board game, and paid for the game online. Do you not have enough money to hire any testers/devs?? This is the buggiest game I have ever played. My internet is fast, but for some reason it takes me about 20 min is log on. When I finally do get on, half the time I'll be playing and it just gets locked between players turns. You should be embarrassed of yourselves.

  • lol!you are right! send an email to the dev team and see their response to laugh more. They will blame your connection , your pc and not their game. Also, according to them the biggest problem of the game is that ppl collaborate against other players!

  • Is this true? In that case, please post all these private responses to any independent forum. People need to know how bad things are. This is a rip-off and should not be allowed to continue.

  • @katerinalda said:

    , according to them the biggest problem of the game is that ppl collaborate against other players!

    Well, I think this is a problem, honestly. It's not like playing in person with friends or at a table, where there are some social costs to such play, it's win at all costs often. And if you complain about unfair play, "you're the problem" and usually get targeted even more.

    And the irony of this statement coming from them is they implemented "whisper" and "ELO", both of which strongly encourage such behaviour. The only thing that slightly protects you is random pairings during games [well that and sticking to custom games and hopefully finding a guild to weed out players]

  • @katerinalda Haha, Like :+1: :joy:

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • @katerinalda said:

    . They will blame your connection

    Also, this seems absurd. Even with a somewhat flakey connection, that shouldn't disrupt a game such as catan. It doesn't need high latency or high bandwidth, just to not lose track of what messages it's sent.

    And as have come up so many times, if you are playing away, chatting away, and some how still get kicked, it's clearly not your connection.

  • @MonkeyZ Yes, yes, and, yes.

  • @MonkeyZ i agree that some ppl may play against you. But in ths case they should gve you an option to play with 1 of your friends. Custom game is not an option, since the Als are impossible to play with. They would block the player with 3 points instead of the one with the 9 points, they don;t make reasonable moves, and give a million trade offers which they withdraw in every turn. The catan team says that their als are fine and they depict different styles of play.

  • @katerinalda yes, the AI :alien: depict the style of a total idiot, :japanese_ogre: lol.

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