Catan Universe weakness

  • First, sorry for mistake. I don't speak English so good.
    I understand that you want to change platforms, but normally when you switch platforms you make for something better, not something less powerful.
    -The software configuration makes the turn longer. With PlayCatan, a game lasted an average of 23 minutes. Now we are averaging 45 minutes!
    -With PlayCatan, when you were hanging cards at the time of discarding, you could pick them up and discard others. Now we lose the cards we clicked by accident.
    -With PlayCatan, the discard phases were simultaneous, now they are done one after the other.
    -With PlayCatan, we could modify our last exchange request, now we have to restart it again every time.
    -With PlayCatan if I lost my internet connection for 5 seconds, I could go back to the game. Now I am excluded. This last point is particularly frustrating.
    -With PlayCatan, we could see the statistic of dice rolled.

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