Fix The Dice Rolls.

  • I understand that rolling a 7 on two die is 1/6 chances. But you do not literally have to stick to that number. Ive played the board game numerous times and the number 7 NEVER gets rolled this many times. The game literally aim to constantly have at least 10-20 7's rolled. in 60 dice throws. Give dice that actually roll instead of having it based on literal statistics.

    I challenge a few people to do this: Show me a game where its 60+ rolls and there is below 10 7's rolled.
    Record yourself rolling 2 actual die and compare between the games rolls and your own physical rolls.

  • This needs to be pushed up. The algorithm is completely flawed, in that I assume they take the statistical probability of the dice roll, however I've never seen this happen in really life as much as in the game where if you have 8+ cards and it's your roll, you will hit a 7. Seems like they are trying to extent the length of the game, which is completely stupid since we already have a lot of slow players (and no, they are not "methodical"). It really ruins the game, longer length of time isn't always better, just ask your girlfriends (your right hands).

  • This is another case, but ridiculous too.

  • Not a single 8 in 54 rolls would happen in 0.03% of the games. So once in ~3200 games. Given the amount of games played, this is plausible. Catan is a 30-50% luck based game. The higher the player skill levels, the more luck comes into play.

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