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  • broke.
    the previous version of Catan normalized. This version sucks balls. just played a game where 3's rolled eleven times and 6's only ten. Can you explain???? Why even have this option when it does nothing. I am leaning towards wanting my money back with all the bugs in this version.

  • Completely agree that Catan Universe is unplayable for competitive players compared to USM's previous "Catan Classic" app thanks to its much better support for a card stack to normalize probabilities. I'm hoping @Administrator realizes no one wants to spend hours grinding ELO in a deeply strategic game like Cities & Knights just to have the outcome determined by improbable dice rolls (which aren’t unlikely at all during a single game) or a poorly implementEd stack algorithm that fails to solve the problem it is intended to solve. I'd love to recruit gaming friends to an active guild & challenge each other for ELO in Catan Universe but I can’t recommend anyone invest in the app w/o better Stack options :-/

    I posted my full thoughts on what the exact issue is on this longer thread so continue the discussion on what stack support you'd like to see there: ‪https://forum.catanuniverse.com/topic/4385/dice-algorithm-sucks/25‬

    CC @adminstrators

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