Auto Match Scenario Doesn't work

  • I have played quite a few games where i have selected a scenario and when the game starts it is NOT that scenario. i just tried to play seafarers fog islands and low and behold when the game starts i'm playing the oasis scenario. how is this possible? i did not select 'all' i chose a specific scenario to play. how does one play a chosen scenario?

  • @player78322 The selection process is a bit counter-intuitive. When you click on the scenario you want to play, it´s actually voted out! So you get to play anything but your choice. Solution is easy: Do it the opposite way you have done before, and you get your choice. Have fun! :smile_cat:

  • well, that sure is confusing.
    Thanks for the assistance.

  • and the genius reason it doesn't tell you that fact RIGHT THEN??????

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