Kicktimer Bug Exploit

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    I recently played a game with the user "ANAWEI" where after losing, wrote "let's test your patience." After this point, she used a timer bug where it has been literally more than 20 minutes and the kicktimer for her turn still hasn't worked. This is not her first time using this bug, and many other players have exploited the same bug. However, despite reporting such bugs, I never see these users banned for their clear hacking when I check their names. Is there anything we can do as users to prevent users like ANAWEI from abusing this exploit?


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    @yyz Thank you very much for bringing that to our attention. have you reported the player using the in-game tools also?

  • Yes. The game was reported and should be logged.

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    @yyz thank you very much our support team will take care of the issue.

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