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  • Sometimes Catan games are painfully slow, assuming people are thinking about their options/moves between turns, it doesn't need to take that long to play a turn, and there's no reason to think about your next turn before you end your turn.

    It would be great if you implement a fast play option. It seems like a fairly easy option to implement. Primarily, cut down the turn time in half, or more. To allow for more difficult turns, have a block of overtime that you can use up during the game as you see fit, for limited amount of "longer turns".

    [I'd see this implemented as a single block of time to be used during the whole game, that once your turn time is up, it starts being eaten into. Do this enough, or long enough, and you'll have no overtime left to use in later turns]

    If people can think of other time saving ideas, please add them.

    [Possible implications:

    • The discard time when 7 rolls probably shouldn't impact things so much, but people be forced to pick their robbery faster (otherwise put it on the desert, no robbery).
    • Make the AI trade attempts shorter and/or have the AI start ignoring trade offers/counter offers sooner, so that people can't drag out trading (usually trying to game the AI)
    • This kind of cuts into the social nature of games, but Catan Universe "conversations/banter" isn't all that common (likely due to bringing in mobile, but you guys could see if this assumption is true or not on your side)

  • @MonkeyZ most of my games include banter, and I don´t mind if it takes a little longer. What annoys me most are people who don´t respond to trade offers. And the kicks. And the AI.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I never know people's reasons for not responding to trades ... is it they couldn't be bothered (rude) or aren't even paying attention, want you to offer more, are trying to bleed out your turn time, being passive aggressive?

    The trade system on CatanOnline at least allowed you to click the button for "I want more" "I don't have that" or other responses, to deal with language barriers. You'd think it would be a desirable function given how important mobile is (where typing that out is annoying)
    [ @administrators Any plans to add more "responses" into the trading system, to make it more productive/interactive?]

    Admittedly I sometimes quit responding to trades because people don't throw me counter offers and ignore my trade attempts, then offer the exact same trade on their turn. Yeah, it's a tactic, but it's so frustrating and tiring. It becomes race to the bottom trading.

  • You don't have to respond to trade offers. And you don't have to wait until everyone responds. I usually only let the trade offer be up for 10 seconds max.

    Also, the trading is still horrible here.

  • @Stroom No, you don't ... but it's also a bit rude to not respond, how is another player to know if you don't want to trade or simply aren't bothering to pay attention to the game (which some people admit to ... "sry, was watching Hulu"). It's not like I can see your body language as when playing the board game.

    EDIT: And to the point of my suggestion no matter how fast I play my turn, that doesn't mean others play fast. I've seen people with 1 card sit there for their full turn time, which really drags out a game.

  • It can sometimes be a strategic thing. If you respond, it might give away your intentions.

  • @Stroom I'm not sure how saying no is giving away your intentions, because it doesn't indicate anything other than unwillingness to trade... if your intentions are to troll for more - then there is an interface issue where people should be able to respond "I want more" "I want something different" if there is any concern to keep "negotiations" between the two players.

  • You could "pretend" that you missed the trade offer so if you give the same offer on your turn, the other player might not get as mad...

    In real life, you don't have to always say "NO" every time someone is giving trade offers that you don't want. Not talking can be beneficial if you use it right. Sadly, Catan Universe trading is horrible and does not allow a realistic way to trade with other players.

  • @MonkeyZ @Stroom You already can make a counter-offer by changing the number and and kind of resources :ear_of_rice: :sheep: :evergreen_tree: :black_small_square: you want as well as the number and kind of recources you are willing to offer. Just click on the upper/ lower half of the card to increase /decrease the number.

  • That's not good enough. Sometimes you would want to initiate a trade offer to the current player. It is possible in real life so why is it so limited for online? If you say "mobile players can't do that" then you have a different problem.

  • I wish there was an option about the speed. I like fast games and some people need to take their time, so it would be a nice addition to the game. But i don't see anything like this coming soon. There has been 2 years since they launched the game and they still can't make it work properly , so i don't think they will add sth new. Moreover , they do not take into account their players's feedback,so I wouldn't expect this ti happen any time soon.

  • @katerinalda If they add new stuff it will be expansion packs as they generate revenue. That seems to be the priority over stability or even easy to add features (even if they add significant usability)

  • @MonkeyZ you are right , i am very disappointed with the quality of the game and the attitude of the developers. It is a shame that these people take advantage of this very nice board game

  • It's about time players finally recognize these malicious patterns.

  • @katerinalda well, no choice in automatch,but in custom games you already can adjust the timer.:watch:

  • @Stroom I never considered it malicious, just perhaps fiscal realities. That said, I also don't know why they go so very long between updates. What happened to the rapid/agile development model.

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