Getting kicked out

  • I dont understand how I get kicked out of a game when the other person is stalling. I push the back button and try to come back in and it mentions that I was kicked out. How can I get out and back in the same game without being penalized. Thank you

  • @koolkal This seems to happen a lot. :boom: :anguished:
    I waited and thought someone else was stalling, but in the chat :speech_balloon: I found out their screen showed it was my turn. :game_die: Since I could not see :see_no_evil: that I was stuck, I could not refresh in time :watch: and got kicked :alarm_clock: :boom: The kicktimer does not always work correctly. So now when someone seems too :snail: slow, I check if the others see the same screen :question: Sometimes switching back and forth between chatlog and gamelog also helps.

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