• I miss multicatan.
    I love multicatan.
    I want to play multicatan again.
    There seem to be hints that multicatan could happen.
    Will my dream ever come true Catan Universe? - the multicatan dream

  • administrators

    @Blitz We are looking into ways how we can realize MultiCatan with its real-time gameplay components and its 6 to X players in Catan Universe. This is a real challenge for our designers and developers if we want to display everything on a smaller mobile screen.

  • @Blitz Seems unlikely to me. Consider, since the last update a few weeks ago, so many players cannot play at all, because Catan Universe always crashes on their phones.

  • Maybe it is finally time to admit that cross-platform gaming is not really a very good idea. PC gamers have much higher expectations.

  • @Administrator
    Thats great - thanks for the reply.

    No doubt it'd be a tough nut to crack. Best of luck!

  • @Stroom
    More ways to play equals more players.

  • But the quality of the game is worse because you can't have a good trading system with players who play on a small mobile screen.

    I want to have normal counter offers, no stupid kicktimer and AI substituting players if someone playing on an app inevitably disconnects. Catan Universe fails on a daily basis.

  • @Blitz They need to solidify this foundation first. But great for the future development ideas.

  • :+1: Bump for multicatan, such a loss without it, I have moved on to other games but still come back to check on it, and am sadly disappointed every time with no progress... please reconsider bringing it back. I understand you are trying to make it work for mobile devices, could you release a version of it similar to what we used to have (cant that mode just be steam only?) while you spend years working out how to make cross platform work? Its been almost 2 years that its been shut down.. Is there anything we can do as a community to help? @Administrator

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