Can’t play

  • i can’t lay Catan for over 3 weeks. What is wrong I’ve downloaded both the free and the $4.99 games. Help me I’m going nuts not being able to play

  • Yeah this issue needs to be addressed. Mine has been saying "Cannot connect to server" for over a week.

    Alternate solution is to download steam and play it there. It works for me that way

  • @mswkim
    I tried via steam and still see 'can not reach server'. So this doesn't solve for all unfortunately.

  • @Dcjwmom same for me it’s been 1 month I think. I can’t lay one settlement before it crashes! It’s getting so beyond tolerable. As creators of this game, they should be able to fix this a lot faster and a lot better, or there could lose a lot of fans. Come on catan people, let’s gets on this!

  • @Dcjwmom has everyone able to play game yetundefinedundefinedundefined

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