Add a "time slider" underneath the dice stats.

  • An interesting bonus feature might be to add a little slider underneath the dice stats, so we can slide it across seeing essentially a "replay of the game" as the stats bars grow over the game.

    I was thinking about this because after a game, it really feels like some numbers took forever to roll or that other numbers dominated the game, even if the "distribution of rolls" is ultimately ends up somewhat balanced in the end. Some numbers seem to dominate early in the game and you watch others progress while you sit there with pretty much nothing.

    I'm not complaining, that's how it goes ... but it would be interesting to just slide my mouse or finger along the slider and see how the game developed. Repay the pain to see if my impression of the dice was at all accurate, lol.

    [I realize this has a 0.1 chance of ever happening, but I'll keep tossing suggestions out there in-case you guys get bored and want a break with some random interesting features :-D ... but do the "rematch" button before you do this one. ]

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