Unfair loss of ELO, repeatdly.

  • I just lost a bunch of ELO twice for being kicked from two games within ten minutes. That does not seem fair. I have no idea why i got kicked. Last time i messaged catan universe about this issue they did notihing. What a joke.

  • There is no solution to this issue. Also, do not take ELO seriously. Catan is not suitable for this.

  • @Stroom I understand. But what is the point is having catan universe v. The old catan if we don’t care about ELO.

  • There is no point in Catan Universe. It is a horrible solution and will hopefully soon be replaced with something that actually works reliably.

  • You are right it is unfair. The game punishes players for a server that cannot be reached. Punishing players for the platform's fault! What are they thinking about?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I agree with stroom and don't take ELO too seriously. Just had an excellent game, very tight score the whole game. Never more than 2 points separating the the highest and lowest score. Ended tying for a loss with each of us having 9 points. Maybe since we both had the same score against the same opponent we'd lose the same amount of ELO... No. Because the person I was tied with had an ELO lower than me, I got over 6 points subtracted from my ELO while the person I tied with lost less than two points.

    I had more fun playing that game and losing than many of the ones I've won.

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