Cities and Knights rule variants

  • I would like to have the option to choose some of the Cities and Knights rule variants (in the rulebook) when establishing a game. Examples include allowing multiple rounds before the Barbarians move, and making it optional, when the Barbarians land, to choose to commit your knights to the cause or not (those not flipped and contributing remain activated).

  • @WFSheep ah yes, I read something/somewhere that this an optionally (is this a word? :laughing:) rule. Something like that would be great to implement, although this might increas the time you have to wait for a Game in Auto-Match. ;)

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  • administrators

    @WFSheep Thank you very much for your feedback. We are aware that there are many rules/sub-rules/ house rules for Catan out there. It is possible that we will add some variants for the custom-game mode but in Auto-match, we try to stick to the "normal" rules as much as possible to make them easier to compare in regards to Elo.

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