AI ignores counter offer and sends you original (unwanted) trade.

  • @administrators

    It still happens where you make a counter-offer to the AI that it acts like you accepted their original offer. So you lose a key resource and don't get what you wanted.

    IE, it asked for wheat, offering brick
    I offered it wheat, if it gives me wool
    It accepted and sent me brick.
    that wasn't the trade I wanted or would have even accepted

    So this wasn't even me trying to game the AI for multiple resources or other stupid tactic, it was a simple simple trade offer.

    I needed that wheat, but was willing to give it up to get wool. So I lost something I needed, and didn't get what I wanted.

    [yes, it probably doesn't happen enough to be a high priority bug, but it's frustrating when added to all the AI related issues, and with the AI joining a significant percentage of games, often right from the start]

  • @MonkeyZ :alien: AI stinks :poop:

  • Yes I've experienced this too.

    Sometimes it works and sometimes I get the original offer the AI was offering me (instead of the changed offer that it accepted).

    This mostly happens to me when I ask the AI for two or even three of that resource. It accepts the offer sometimes! And sometimes I gives it to me. But sometimes after it's accepted my offer to give me 2 of that resource, it only gives me 1 of that resource!

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