Please put the AI into the ELO calculation

  • Too many players are gaming the AI and letting it win or pretty much win, in order to "win" the game and maximize their ELO. Perhaps people wouldn't be so quick to abuse it if letting it get ahead or win actually penalized them.

    [And yes, I do it as well, because it's a race to the bottom with this game.]

  • @MonkeyZ true, there are hardly any players blocking or playing against the AI, cause it doesn't matter, if it finishes 1st.:confused:

    "When you don't know what you should do, look to the stars, they will always shine for you."


  • This is just the consequence of the actual problem. Let's start with the source of the problem. There should not be an ELO system in this game in the first place. It is a pointless number that makes people play irrationally in the scope of one game. It ruins Catan Universe experience.

  • If there were less kicks, :boom: we wouldn´t have to play with AI. :alien: And Elo is already totally distorted :trollface: by all the kicks. :boom:

  • Ha ha, well yes there are multiple inter-related issues, all of which I'd love to see progress on.

  • @Rumpelstilzchen What dou you mean by kicks?

  • @art2018 She means when you get kicked out of a game your ELO is impacted, but sometimes when you are kicked out you don't lose any ELO [while I suspect this might be a temporary feature to reduce frustration due to game bugs, it is also exploited by players to not lose any ELO if it isn't likely they can finished 1st/2nd]

  • The AI and network/server issue combination today is a super bonus. The AI won't do anything when there are network issues, to be "fair", and the servers are dragging, so this game is super painful. Good thing it's sunny outside :-D

  • @art2018 Yes, just like monkeyz said, a lot of players get kicked out :scream: of the game by the kicktimer :alarm_clock: :boom: and loose Elo. Others gain Elo because they are the last one left :eyes: and automaticaly count as winners.:trophy:
    For example, one day my connection was more stable then of the others, and I was always counted the winner, even though my opponents were much better. But they got kicked out :disappointed: of the game and I got all the Elo. A few days later, it was the other way round. I always "lost connection" and got kicked. And lost loads of Elo. How can I take Elo serious after that?

  • I see, thanks for clarifying

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