A compromise between the current Ladder system and the highly requested "lobby"

  • Hello @administrators and @Developers ,

    It's been discussed that the community would like a lobby replacing the current matchmaking system, however, I thought of a compromise.

    One of the core issues with this game is that it's very hard to play with friends. If I wanted to play with a friend, the only way to do so is to create a custom game and add the AI. But no one wants to face the AI. It's just boring. I believe a workaround that issue could be done by adding a lobby system yet keeping the ladder system implemented. The "elo ladder" (current matchmaking system) would count for elo points and only allow for 1 person to queue up to prevent collusion. The "friendly lobby" would be for friendly matches only and NOT count for elo. This would allow easy access for gaming with friends casually. Since it's a casual game also, it wouldn't matter if people left the match or teamed up against someone since it's a "friendly" lobby game.

    To me, this would add great community in this game. The developers are clearly looking for a way to bring in more community, and I think this would be a decent idea to do so as it allows easier access for people to play together.

    I know Catan Universe has stated specifically they are against lobbies, but the issue here is that without having a lobby (or easy way to play with 2-3 friends) there lacks community. If I see my clan mate online, I'll greet them. But next to that I can't do anything else with them. I can't play with them unless I have to play with the Dreaded AI.

    Maybe this idea above will get shot down. The issue here is the difficulty for friends to play together in a casual game. If this idea doesn't work for y'all, consider adding another match type: "friendly matches". It allows you to queue up with friends playing not for elo. For example, I can queue up with another friend hoping to be matched up with 2 other people for a 4 player game. This "friendly match" option won't count for elo or karma.

    It's hard to create or bring a community together without a good way for people to play together. I hope you consider my idea. I'm looking forward to your responses. As always, I encourage discussion.

    Thank you,

  • Also, just a random thought, how come it's been more than 2 years into the game's lifespan and we still can't play a match "for fun"? I think that's pretty ridiculous and should be changed.

  • Thank you very much for your detailed feedback. We will take a look at what we can do to improve the experience for friends that want to play together.

  • @DylLighted2 @administrators @Developers
    I still do not comprehend the lobby issue.
    On the old platform we really had a community. We greeted each other at the start of the game, or when entering the lobby, there was some friendly banter.
    Now it is just a sterile game, nothing fun any more. I still believe that a major part of the success of PLay Catan was the community feeling. You logged on and saw "friendly faces". And I really only recall a few instances where there was obvious team play going on.
    Can someone enlighten me as to the factual reasons against a lobby?
    I am sorry, I am just a player looking for some fun with an easy game platform, I really do not care about the ELO SYSTEM or my Karma.
    Just want to have some fun time playing my favorite game at the end of the day.

  • Is there another digital Catan game that has a lobby system? Except PlayCatan?

  • [Edit: by @administrators] but it's still in development so not many players.

    Please do not link to unlicensed or possible pirated software

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