iPad crashing after 2/11/19 update. Game is now unplayable.

  • I'm observing the same: on my iPhone 8 the game is working w/o any flaw, but on my iPad mini (2nd generation) it is crashing all the time - it is almost impossible to play for more than half a minute.

    In the german forum there's an official statement that it is a problem with iOS devices having only 1GB of RAM. If an app is using too much memory it is automatically closed by iOS. The developers are now aware of the problem and trying to reduce the memory consumption of the game. This will take some time - they haven't published a release date for the update.


  • @Administrator I read a post that this app crashing problem was hopefully going to be fixed last eeek, but mine still crashes after last update. I am currently unable to play at all. I’ve reinstalled man6 times, still nothing. When will this be fixed?.

  • @NarayanAvenger thanks for the update. Let’s hope they fix it soon! I paid to unlock more features and so far I haven’t been able to play the game at all!

  • I have just seen that there's also an English version of the announcement I have mentioned in my post above:

  • Still happening - can we get our crap together and fix this bugger! So frustrating

  • @Shadowtek I’m experiencing the same exact problem.
    The game crashes seconds after as I load it on my iPad Mini 2.
    It works perfect on my iPhone though.

    Hope the developer gets a fix soon.

  • I have been waiting to play Catan for several weeks, and have been having this issue. Every time I try to make a move the app crashes, and I don’t have another device to use. Really hope the issue can be fixed soon!!