iPad crashing after 2/11/19 update. Game is now unplayable.

  • Game is broken after update and crashes 100% unplayable

  • administrators

    @SunshinesMemes We are currently investigating the issues actively. Thank you very much for your help and additional info. Do you have the chance to download the game on another platform in the meantime? If you log in with your account credentials you will be able to use all your in-app purchases there, too.

  • I am having the same issue on my iPad. Super frustrating! Hope they are able to fix it soon.

  • I'm having the same problem on my iPad. I have a first generation iPad air. I have tried reinstalling the game and as well as applied an iOS update that was pending. Neither worked. Whenever I play a turn, the app crashes.

  • @Administrator still crashing

  • Same here. I have an iPhone and since that update it crashes and leaves the app before I can play one move. Every time

  • We have been able to identify the issue and we are working on an update. We are doing our best to provide it next week. Thank you very much for your patience.

  • bonjour , depuis 1 semaine , impossible de jouer sur mon iPhone car dès que je pose une pièce, ou qu'un pirate m'attaque, ou que je veuille faire un échange l’application se ferme..;j'ai perdu 3 points de karma!
    merci de faire une mise à jour rapidement
    bon courage

  • @Administrator would there be an email going out when the game is playable on iPhone again?

  • Once the patch is available for our fellow Catanians, we will inform you as usual via social media, the forums, and our discord server.

  • Same problem here. Its impossible to play with iPhone. When game starts app crashes and kicks me out!!

  • @Administrator thanks, I'll follow the news then.

  • Also having issues! Please fix immediately

  • same problem here. on my iphone. the game loads for a couple of seconds then suddenly quits. :-(

  • Second gen iPad mini with iOS 12.1.4 and when in online play after my turn each time the app crashes. Works fine on my iPhone with same iOS. Tried reinstalling and rebooting. No luck :(

  • The app keeps crashing for me too, just a couple of seconds after a game has loaded. iPhone 6 Plus. 12.1.4