Getting kicked out repeatedly. Is it my phone? The game?

  • My partner Sugar Snap Pea is kicked out of the game every other turn or so. We used to play the game against one another all the time, and now she can't even get through a few turns. Why might that be happening? Any suggestions? Anyone else having this problem? It was working fine until a few days ago. Help!

  • Hello. Yes, my spouse and I are having the same issues we updated our Catan Universe on our iPad and now it keeps kicking us out we can’t even play a game together anymore Or even a game with a computer obviously there is major bug issues with their latest update sucks big-time

  • Yep. An update just went in on 2/11/2019 and now the game is unplayable for me. It crashes anytime I try and take my turn. Using an iPad.

  • Hi, we're having the same problems. Is it my I-pad or is it the game-update? Ik installed the game again, logged out and in, did a reset on my I-pad, but keeps happening

  • I exprerience all the same bugs since the update a few days ago. I play from an ipad as well. I get kicked off every turn right from the beginning.

  • I am having the same issue as well since after the Catan update on Feb 11. The game works fine on my Android phone but on my iPad Air the app closes as soon as I make a move in the game. Any help would be awesome!

  • Same issue for me. Playing on ipad air.

  • this happens to a friend of mine, too. :worried: Support could not fix it yet.

  • I’m suffering the same problem

  • Same here :( I hope this is fixed fast!

  • Same here. Has been this way for a few weeks. Cannot play even a single player match

  • Same here. Ipad Air, game loads but crashes after I try to make 1 move, kicks me out. Please address!!

  • Just adding my name to the list. Running on Ipad Mini and getting kicked after placement of first Village, log in to place road, kicked, log in to place second village and then frozen. I haven’t been able to play since the update. Anyone know of a time frame for this to be fixed?

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