• Hi, every time I use the app, it clashed after few minutes
    Tried re-installing the game but still does not work. Any clue?

  • Me too .- I have lost over 40 ELO .-

  • Crashes very 30-60 seconds....

  • Same here

  • Same thing here but on computer works perfectly must be a problem in the last update 🙁

  • How do you have it for PC?

  • My partner Sugar Snap Pea is having the same problems. She only wants to use the phone version. It was working fine until a few days ago. Weird!

  • Same here

  • Catan Universe 1.7.2

    • Several improvements for multiplayer stability, especially during times with high demand

    @Administrator Any comment on this? Is it really more stable?

  • I just lost to someone who had 8 points at most!!! How is this possible. They had the longest road, biggest army, and one D card which was more than likely a V point. They also had 3 settlements and 1 city. All totaling 8 points collectively. The developers need to get some bugs fixed for sure.

  • @Isodina with steam

  • Having the same crashing issue on my iPad Air, model MD786LL/A (iOS 12.1.4) after Catan update a couple days ago.

  • has locked up on Steam.

  • administrators

    @AuntEdna We have been able to identify the issue and we are working on an update. We are doing our best to provide it next week. Thank you very much for your patience.

  • Nice, thank you.
    The clash is not the only issue; similar to what people were commenting above, sometimes the game got some "bugs" , like starting with 3 houses, finish my turn while this actually does not happen for the rest and similar issues.

  • Same. Crashes just before I start a game, every time. I re installed, but still nothing. I hope this gets fixed soon, so i can play again. I must say this game has had countless issues from the day it was created. How can someone make such a great game , and yet it never stops having issues.. I’ll never know. There’s been so many annoyances in this game. Wish all the problems would be solved for good.

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