Update Crashes Updated ipad

  • @Administrator Is there anymore update are you still working on a fix for the crashing???

  • @Administrator is there any update?????

  • Unfortunately, we can´t give you a real update on the situation. Our devs work on fixing the issues as their top priority but as stated before we can only progress in baby steps. Since we have to double check every change we made in the usage of memory to prevent side effects.

    We are reworking how the App uses memory and what it will cache in the memory provided by the devices. Not having e.g info from the main menu cached in the memory can lead to way longer loading times. Right now we are doing our best to balance those two effects in order to get rid of the issue but also keeping the loading time to a minimum.

  • If you had listened to the complaints of the performance issues 4 years ago you would not have this problem now.

    And all the other things. Instead, you made the Inca expansion...

  • @Administrator I Need an update on the ipad fix to stop crashing ?

  • This post is deleted!

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