Game Freezing

  • I keep getting kicked from games because it stops on another player's turn and I never see the game move. It did this randomly before the update on my laptop but I've been playing on my tablet for the last week but since the update I've had this happen like 4 times in two days. Back to back games today. It's frustrating lose karma and elo for this reason.

    Also the AI is still refusing trades.

    Bring back Play Catan!!

    I will pay for Multicatan!!!


  • Like Jenna L I have also experienced being kicked off a lot of games the last 48 hours since there was announced an update.
    It starts from the very beginning of the game, everytime a player chooses a move or whatever the game crashes. You Can rejoin an whoops one more move and you are kicked again. You can’t see the players move, and all in all nothing works.

  • Same here on my iPad. Worked great before the update!

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