Kicked out despite online and actively playing...

  • This same thing happened to me several times in a row today when trying to play a multiplayer automatch. It keeps freezing and kicking me out even though I had good internet connection. :(

  • What a joke. i play a lot of other online games and NONE of them have bugs like Catan does with connection issues/crashing mid game.
    I've been playing Catan online before it was Catan Universe and you had same issues back then. Look at this thread... this crap has been going on for YEARS!!!! WE DON"T WANT A NEW GUI, WE WANT GAMES THAT DON"T CRASH.
    Need more info??? Do you guys create program game logs to catch this stuff?? I don't know what hardware the other players are using or what OS, that's on YOU the admins to figure out ffs.
    Instead of changing the look of the game FIX THE BUGS.

  • I am pretty new to this game but am getting kicked out quite often, today mid game against computer

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    This post is deleted!

  • Not sure if this thread is still active, but this consistently happens to me as well, on mobile. Actively playing, then kicked out for taking too long three times, despite that not happening.

  • It just happened on the first turn!! "You took too long for your turn three times, and were kicked out of the game." It was the first turn and I had just clicked 'end turn'!

  • @ajplaycatan

    Yup me too, just won a game, no connection issues, and received the message that I was kicked from the game. What a joke.

  • same here, playing from PC Chrome, I have the best internet in the world (Romania) so it can't be internet problem either, kicked me out of 3 games in a row, despite active in game

  • @Administrator all the comments with this problem are from 2 years ago so you’d think it would be fixed by now...? But I get kicked out of 4/5 games I attempt to play. My wifi AND bars are performing well so it’s really frustrating when out of no where (even though I take my turn immediately and then end my turn before the time runs out) that I’m kicked out because of “missing my turn 3 times in a row”?? I clearly have an impressive social life and that’s why I’m taking the time to write this comment so please do my sanity a favor and fix the game so I can peacefully go back to playing Catan and watching documentaries. Thx in advance xx

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