Kicked out despite online and actively playing...

  • This evening (after three or four successive wins and nicely building my ELO up, twice in a row I received a notification to say I had been kicked from the game, and lost ELO, at the end of the kicktimer. The kicktimer seems to be activated pretty often for all players when they're still online and actively playing and this seems to be widely seen and understood, but tonight is the first time that I've actually been kicked out of two games in a row and lost a load of ELO despite still being there and actively playing. As I was kicked in the second game, I was even talking to a fellow player in game chat about it and he said it happened to him to. At 3 secs to go I even said "its about to happen again" or something to that effect... of course I'll never know if he replied! Don't know how ELO can be accurate if this keeps happening and people are losing it willy nilly!!!!!

  • Yes, we had the same problem last night. We were playing in a group of four and three times one player (always a different one) got kicked out and we had to leave the game and start over. After the third time this happend, we quit. Also in between there were numerous kicktimers that disappeared after some seconds. Internet connection was fine all the time (we were talking on teamspeak with no problems at all). This seems to be quite a common problem and the developers don't seem to try to fix this problem (at least according to the posts in the forums). It is really annoying. We don't find the time to meet up and play anymore, hell, it was even difficult to find an evening when all of us could play online and the evening ends with three unfinished games and a lot of disappointment. We paid for the expansions, now we want to play!

  • @administrators If these things are reported almost every week, why are you not fixing this? Do you still think this only happens to "a small percentage of players"? I guess it's easier to hide and do nothing as long as money keeps coming in.

  • Please make sure to download the latest update 1.7.2. We adjusted some systems in order to enhance the multiplayer performance with the latest update.

  • @Administrator I downloaded update 17.2 and updated my iPad os now the game crashes after every turn.

  • administrators

    @MargC55 It would be great to know what kind of iPad you are using and what iOS is installed

  • @Administrator Since the update, I've seen the "you are offline", "a player has a connection issue" messages popping up/disappearing frequently, and I've been kicked out once without warning (while picking starting settlements).

    1.7.2 on Steam. (on a cable connection at 16/2 with 24ms ping to speedtest ... I don't know what server/cdn to ping to check the connection to Catan with).

    Does the game client do any self-reporting/statistics collection on network issues or being kicked out of games, so you guys are able to see if things are generally improving or not !? Or if the problems are isolated to particular networks or users.

  • @MargC55 same here. I can’t seem to get past my first settlement. Now I’m afraid to update it on my phone.

  • @Administrator Also have these issues. Playing on steam.

  • I am having these issues recently as well. happens most of the time during initial placement. the message "you are offline" pops up and the game freezes. the chat still works. In my last 50 games I got disconnected 13 times, resulting in an ELO loss of roughly 180 and hitting my karma now as well.

    1.7.2 on Steam.

  • I got kicked out twice for supposedly not having any internet, which i did. I lost 24 ELO i. a matter of 5 min. What kind of BS is that.

  • @loscocos89 just lost 27 (!!) ELO for resetting my app when another player froze and the game froze. Makes you want to stop playing.

  • @Skisaacsii - YOU BUDDY ARE ADDICTED 😂

    • ya sister

  • I have been kicked out of 10 straight games today even though my internet is fine and actively playing. Lost tons of elo and karma.
    This is super frustrating. I can’t even finish one game
    Please return my karma and elo. But more importantly fix this!!!!

  • Can anyone help me with my issue?
    Now when I play games I can’t increase elo or change my karma regardless how many games I play. Please help?!?!?!

  • This just happened to me twice....

    I've updated to the latest version (released yesterday), and yesterday we didn't have any issue.

    Today, playing with a friend on automatch, two times I got kicked out while placing the settlements... there is no way I lost Internet while doing that (checked that Internet connection was active on other websites).

    My friend continued playing one of those games, and she also was kicked out after a few minutes...

    Could you PLEASE address the issue?

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