kick timer kick's me out of game

  • Kicktimer kick's me out after timer hits 0 but there is still connection...
    I can chat with players, just play until the timer finished and after the game kicks me out.

  • @iTomm You are not alone in this! Me and a gazillion of other players have encountered this most annoying problem of Catan Universe frequently. If you care to read the forum, you will find that we have been complaining about this for years now. :weary:

  • It's kind of amusing when someone is chatting away and doesn't realize the AI is playing for them XD

  • @Rumpelstilzchen for yearss?? Why pay like €15 for a game that doesn't work properly... Is there a way to get money back?

  • @iTomm Why pay? Well, for a true Catan Addict :heart_eyes_cat: this is only a rethorical question. We will do anything :money_with_wings: to play Catan. :heart_eyes_cat:
    To answer your question: I have read several posts of players demanding a refund. :rage:
    Haven´t heard of anyone who got it, though. Read the contract, :page_with_curl: and you will know why: Garantees are explicitly excluded :exclamation:
    I would recommend: Before buying :moneybag: another extension, try it out :mag: for a while and read the reviews and complains listed here in the forum. I held out buying certain features until I made sure they functioned sufficiently.
    And yes, it is maddenly :hourglass_flowing_sand: slow, but there is progress! :rainbow: In the long run.
    In the long, long, long run.

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