Can’t Accept Trade

  • I’m playing the Apple Mobile App and I’m having trouble accepting trade from other players. The “X” works 100% of the time, but the accept button actually cancels it 90% of the time. It makes a much more difficult game when the npc’s try to give you 2 ore and 1 Wood for you abundant wheat and you can’t accept.

  • administrators

    @Barth42 Please note that the Ai might offer a trade proposal but refuses to trade with you. Proposals are sent out to every player at once. There are certain circumstances in which the AI doesn´t want to trade with you:

    a ) you are close to winning
    b ) both of you are competing for a spot on the board

  • @Administrator I cannot confirm this.
    In one of my last games, a player was kicked soon after the start and AI took over.
    In this game, AI and I were not competing for sites at all, because it was settled close to the other player. Yet it constantly robbed and blocked me, and of course never traded with me. Instead, it was cut off by the other player. The AI had not accepted my trade of the resource it needed. So it could not build on it´s coveted site, and the other player build there first. I fell more and more behind, the 3rd player got way ahead, but the AI would not change it´s attitude, and of course we lost. And it could have done so much better by trading with me, at least early in the game..

  • This isn’t just happening when I’m winning or fighting an AI for space. This just happened on the first round of the game. Same victory points, the AI is on the other side of the map. They offer to trade, I hit accept, nothing happens. If this is really just the AIs refusing 90% of the time, that sounds like a bug too.

  • Also, if the AI refuses your trade, a note would be nice. That way I at least know I can blame the AI and not be unsure if the button even works.

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