Collusion between 2 players

  • I just finished a 4 player game, where 2 players "Mercifulthorn" and "mrsmerciful" were colluding. The purpose of mrsmerciful is to give resources that Mercifulthorn does not have. In our game, Mercifulthorn had no wheat, and so, from the starting position, mrsmerciful takes a spot with plenty of wheat and keeps giving to Mercifulthorn.

    Before you conclude that I am may be a sore loser, consider that I have played over 2000 games, and this is the first time I am reporting anything, although I have also seen very obvious collusion previously (but thankfully, very rarely).

    Even when Mercifulthorn is 8 and 9 points, and the other players are so far behind (5 or 6 points if I recall correctly), mrsmerciful continues to give Mercifulthorn whatever he needs, and only robs and blocks other players.

    Their similar names (both containing "merciful") is also a dead giveaway.

    To the staff at Catan Universe / USM, please ban colluders immediately. Otherwise, you run the risk of this platform being overrun by these unethical people. Please let us know if you have actually banned such players in the past. Remember that this forum and this post are visible to outsiders on the internet, so if you don't ban such players, you are just encouraging this type of behaviour, and you will therefore discourage further players from spending money to join Catan Universe.

    Thank you.

  • administrators

    @alwaysgrowing please use the in-game reporting tools available to report players for not acting according to our terms of use. With reports directly sent from the game, we do have a much higher chance of investigating cases since we will receive the chat log and game log as well.

    Nonetheless, we will look into that matter and take steps if necessary. Thank you very much for your feedback.

  • How do I find the in-game reporting tools?
    I also am very sure I just played a game with colluders
    I am no longer in the game, but in case it happens again....
    I did block the 2 players

  • @Cahp Do a right mouse :mouse: click on the players :bust_in_silhouette: avatar. Down pops a menu :page_facing_up: to choose from: befriend, block, mute, and report are your choices. Do a left mouse :mouse: click on the option you want, and - presto! - it is already done. Easy peasy. :baby:

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