Modify trade offer before submitting

  • I am missing something easy. Suppose following a robber visit I have to discard 5 resource cards. Just for example, I hit 3 wood and 2 ore, but before I actually click the checkmark I realize I only want to turn in 2 wood and something else. I could not figure out how to back out of that offer and ran into the nasty "too much time" reminder. I have a similar issue with making a counter trade. I've tried "X"ing out of the deal, but that doesn't seem to work with the robber (can't remember if I can with counter trade). Can someone tell me what I am overlooking to modify my trade before submitting? Thanks.

  • @Old-Man It is a bit tricky, but you can actually do it. You can click on the upper/ lower part of the resource card to increase/decrease the number of selected cards.

  • Hi Old Man, I suffered the same problem for a few months before I finally worked it. It was really frustrating. As Rumps’ says, tapping at the top and bottom of the cards is the way to do it. Once you get used to where to tap you’ll find your frustration levels dropping 😃😃

  • Thanks for the pointer. I figured it had to be something easy, I just couldn't find it. After all, I am an ... Old Man.

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