Increased Settlement Placement time

  • @administrators

    We all know the biggest decision in the game is initial settlement placement. If anyone has ever watched or played in a Catan tournament, they would know most often players take more than 90 seconds to choose their spot.

    I'm asking for an increased amount of time on the settlement placement phase.

    90 seconds is simply not enough to make the most important decision in a game. Placing the initial settlements is not a normal turn, and it should definitely be more than 90 seconds. Or, perhaps being able to request more time if needed (only 2 times per game to prevent stalling). I recently made a video ( with the concept of the turn being a puzzle. Most players would have taken more than 90 seconds to figure out the win, and knowing you can win but losing it to the turn timer is one of the most infuriating things.

    Another suggestion is for you to combine the amount of time you get to place your road with your settlement. After you place a settlement, you get another 90 seconds to decide the road. The hard part is placing the settlement, not the road. The road has 3 options, the settlement can have over 20 options. So why is the time the same?

    As a player who plays competitively, I like to really think throughout my games to ensure I make the best decisions as adequate tournament practice. This requires time, and I'm asking for more of it when making the hardest choice in the game.

    The choice is yours @administrators . I hope you make the right decision, but unlike players who play this game online, you have infinite time.

    Thank you,

  • They have been "looking into this" for over a year now. Stuff like this should be really easy to implement but apparently they have developed themselves a load of spaghetti that makes doing ANYTHING super slow.

  • Aye its my boy Dylighted. Love your content.
    Admins, he is right. why do the tournament players get to take so long? We have the same rights.
    I understand its to keep the game going, and you need to cater to the average player.
    At the very least give us 20 more seconds. Itll help a lot.

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