I would add several things

  • Hi, I do not write well in English because I am Argentine but I will try to write this post the best.

    I love the game but I would add several things that would be great in the game:

    In the game I would add when the game ends a reward in addition to the experience of gold to finish the game by not leaving and depends on the position you have gotten inside the game, so it would be easier to buy different objects for your character, complete expansions, scrolls, etc.

    And finally another suggestion that would be great would be a daily reward that gives you different objects, if you would insentiate people to go to collect and finish the games for the reward.

    Remember that it is only a suggestion and it would be great to add them, greetings.

    Saludos, Barretto.


  • @ShamaKS On the old PlayCatan, a reward system like you suggested already existed. I really :+1: liked it, it was :smile: great fun. So I was really :disappointed: dissappointed, when I found out Catan Universe does not offer that.
    But for now, I would rather have reliable service than new features. :pray:

  • Da gebe ich Dir aber sowas von Recht Rumpel.

  • @administrators

    Agreed, make a small incentive for players to finish their games (karma doesn't do it). And there should be like a 5 minute ban for players who leave their games. And why in the world are players allowed to start up another game if they left their previous one? Instead, players should only be able to reconnect to their old game. This basically rewards players for leaving the game when they are in a bad spot as they know they can reset without any consequences.

    Watch League of Legends (a 5v5 team game). They do exactly everything I said above. If a player leaves a ranked match, then they can be banned. They can also be punished by not being able to play for a certain amount of time if they leave (5 minutes). Lastly, they provide rewards for finishing the game; players get "honor" and also extra in game currency for the "win of the day" encouraging players to not only play daily, but also finish their game.

    I think there is plenty to learn from watching other successful games.

  • The same quitting prevention was suggested 2 years ago. The developers will not listen to common sense. Apparently making the gaming experience better is not important. They would rather add more bells and whistles.

  • @DylLighted If the server was reliable, I would agree. But: Considering the countless times I (and many others) get kicked out of a game because of "connection problems", this would be really a double :poop: :poop: . At least I can start a new game, when I just got kicked from a game I was about to win, sniff. :crying_cat_face:

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