Rivals of Catan Events (The Duel)

  • I have been playing the card game in the last couple of months (and in particular the Duel) and during this time I have noticed that several events happen so quickly without any interaction with the player. For example:

    1. In the event Brigand Attack sheep and gold disappear in milliseconds without the player realising what has happened. Perhaps the player themselves should be removing the resources as it happens with other events or action cards.
    2. In the event Year of Plenty the relevant card is not displayed
    3. In the event Plague the relevant card is not displayed and resources around the cities disappear without any notice

    There some other issues as well but for now it would be nice if these are fixed.

    Thank you

  • @Katanikos I like that you don´t have to give up the resources yourself, it speeds up the game. But a notification popping up when something happens would be nice.

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes a notification would be nice including an image of the event card for Year of Plenty and Plague. FYI, I am using iOS.

    Another suggestion is with regards to Fraternal Feud. When the player is asked to place cards from his/her opponent's hand, it is not clear how it should be done. Perhaps, a drag and drop interface would be more intuitive.

  • I agree with these concerns. I'm using the Android version and some event cards will stay displayed on the screen briefly, but not all of them. Some then seem to stay for a while after you've resolved their actions. This becomes very annoying to have to go back and forth to the game log and rules link (which some don't have links and most don't show actual card instructions, just requirements) when it would seem easy to leave a small icon of the card off to the side until the end of the turn that could be clicked on to enlarge like the other cards.
    If possible, this would be a very helpful feature to add to the next update.

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