IPAD - Catan App crashes all the time in ipad ios 12.1.1

  • HELP! This ruins the game!!! The Catan Universe crashes every 2mins to 5 mins. It suddenly says “you are offline” (me) and I am crashed but all other apps have great net connection (so my network is fine). I have 120 sec to restart Catan or game over for me.
    Super annoying. Please fix or help me to fix!!!
    I should have the latest CU (I mostly play C&K in custom match mode).

  • I keep writing the same thing on here nd it’s been a month. I never se any game creator comments saying “ hey we have heard your complaints , and we have fixed your crash issues” . It’s gotten really bad , sorry to say my friend. Catan seems to be going down the toilet. No one is getting on this or fixing all theses issues. Really poor craftsmanship in the making of this game. It’s very sad. Hope everything works out for you and everyone. But eventually the makers of this game will loose their fans. If this keeps up, in my strong opinion.

  • administrators

    @Frasyia We are sorry if you missed the statements we put out there. We are working on fixing the issue as our top priority, unfortunately, the fix is very complicated and we have to adjust several systems in our game to make it run smoothly again on iOS devices using only 1 GB of Ram.

  • I too am having serious crash issues - every time a move is placed on the board the game crashes out

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