How to buy catan gold in iOS

  • I am trying to buy 400 catan gold so I can use it with my free 100 gold to buy the inka game. However, when I try to buy it, a pop up asks about a no-return policy, for which I click the box and hit 'confirm' and then... nothing happens.

    In the fantasy world I imagine, the next thing that should happen is a pop-up from my iPad asking me to confirm I want to spend my app store money on this in-app purchase. However, instead nothing at all happens. If I hit the 'buy now' button again, it just brings me back to the no-return policy waiver box and back and forth we go.

    I'm sure you want my money, and I am willing to give it to you, but it isn't working!

  • @Melawe You have also the option to buy Catan gold on steam.

  • I did an iOS software upgrade and, while I don't know that's what fixed it, I was able afterward to make the purchase.

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