alternate options to Catan Universe.

  • anyone know of other "good" online places to play catan on line? I get a little frustrated with Catan Universe. Not a fan of the heavy load on my computer because of the graphics. Also do not like the fact that an opponent can pay for dice luck with the potion thing and essentially steal games. what happened to playing for fun?

    Here is one decent option I know about .
    If you are looking for something different come and try this and play. there are not very many folks on it and I am looking for Catan company.

  • is a new one. It is in continuous development so it might become much better as time goes by.

  • @Figg I heard you can play on asobrain, but there is a waitinglist to join.

  • The potion thing? ;) How do u do that? I cant...

  • @Rumpelstilzchen I heard you can play on asobrain, but there is a waitinglist to join.

    Fyi... tried to join but they do not accept a gmail account unfortunately :(

  • @Nyte_ same happened to me...

  • @Figg The mentioned potions do not affect dice in any way shape or form. They only increase the amount of experience a player gets if he/she finishes a game. There is no way for players or the AI to influence the dice rolls in Catan Universe in such a way.

    Also as a piece of general information. All unlicensed alternatives to Catan Universe (mentioned in this thread) are at least in a legal grey area. There is no guarantee that these programs aren´t possibly used to distribute harmful software or can be subject to an anti-piracy action by the right holders.

    We advise our users not to use such software.

  • @Administrator Nobody would even think of using :innocent: it, if the CU server would be more reliable:exclamation:
    But alas, it is not :exclamation: Therefore sometimes, when a Catan addict hasn´t been able to finish a single :cry: game for too long, we get very frustrated :weary: and naaaaasty.:japanese_ogre:

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