Why doesn't this game follow the trading rules of Catan??

  • From the Catan Rules

    a) Domestic Trade✹
    On your turn, you can trade Resource Cards with any of the
    other players. You can announce which resources you need
    and what you are willing to trade for them. The other players
    can also make their own proposals and counter offers.

    So why does this game not allow the other players to make their own proposals?

  • Because the developers do not listen to the player suggestions.

  • @cosmicelf You can make your own proposals once the other player starts trading, just use the counter offer button. You just can't start trades unprompted... which to be honest is annoying if you deny their trade request and then realize you actually had a counter offer

    So is that more the problem - that you can't initiate trades when it isn't your turn?

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