Kicked from ANOTHER game with no warning

  • Dear developers/admins,

    It doesn't matter what content you add if we can't play a game to completion. We really don't care about new pieces, expansions, seasons, etc. Please fix the existing game before trying to add more functionality. Server drops, loss of connectivity, premature game endings . . . . these are NOT issues with our internet connections. These are caused by a SERIOUS flaws in your program design, so fix it already.


    Fed up Catanians Everywhere

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  • Hello to the two of you.

    I'm very sorry for the experience that you're currently having with the game. Could you kindly reach out to our technical support at and share with them your device specifications as well as your Account Names and anything you remember about these games. Thank you very much for your patience!

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  • @Administrator I have just joined the wounderful world of catan. I hate this game because all I want to do is play the tutorials so that I can learn about the world and I get kicked from the game every 7-8 min. Can you please fix this? I have not spent money but would if the game was at all reliable.

  • I am done buying more gold for scrolls to play this game. SO MANY BUGS!!!! Fix the damn game!!! I keep getting kicked mid game for no reason at all. My player goes on AI. extremely frustrating. My elo is 1300 and i lose 11-13 points everytime. Complete crap. Going to research where else i can play this game. Get you shat together!!!!

  • You do know that you can buy the expansion and then it is unlocked indefinitely? Or you are paying a LOT on scrolls to temporarily unlock expansions? 4 scrolls worth of gold is enough to get the base game.

    Also, paying for this game is really quite stupid if these fundamental game breaking issues are not fixed.

  • I'm having the same problem!! So frustrating especially as I'm playing custom games with a friend plus losing ELO

  • I have encountered this problem too many times. I was just in a cities and knights game where as soon as it was my turn I was going to win, but Catan said I was offline and I see the kick timer for my name. I attempt to refresh and rejoin the game (well under the two minute timer) and it tells me I was kicked. Instead of winning, I get last. This game is too unstable to play.

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