Request: Resource totals as part of game statistics

  • Asked for previously, but thought I'd mention it again and clarify.

    The post-game statistics currently show how often a number was rolled, or how many times a person was robbed (it is intuitive but less obvious that I just had to click on each persons avatar to see each players stats), but I don't feel this paints a full picture because it doesn't show you the impact of the robber or rolls.

    Could you add how many resources were lost because of the robber (the adding up of the resources you must discard when the robber rolls, the lost resource when actually robbed [by knight or 7], and the resources you didn't receive because it was blocked by the robber when the number rolled). You might only be robbed once, and if the robber never rolls, you were impacted much more heavily than a player who is frequently robbed but the robber is moved immediately (so your resource is never blocked).

    Also, it's great to see the dice distribution, but what about the resources gained from that and your placements? I'd like to see a count at the end of the game of how much wheat/wool/brick/ore I received. Some players seem to get a tonne of resources during a game, so much more than other players, and while they may or may not win (depending on losing it all when 7 rolls, 4:1 bank trades, monopoly cards, all those resources might not go that far, lol).

    Anyhow, could we get stats that are more than just rolls/moves.

  • I asked about this. PlayCatan had really good statistics. And the fact that you could see these statistics in the middle of the game, you could more easily determine who to rob and so on. A very useful improvement.

  • @Stroom Yes, the in game statistics were also nice to have. I mean, one should be able to read the board and know what/who to rob, but sometimes it's nice to check things out when the dice/resources seem way out of whack :-D [or boredom with slow play]

  • @MonkeyZ yeah these things were mentioned several times.

    Sadly, there was no reaction from the admins. :(

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