Kicked from game but still there?

  • So I’ve been having this issue where I keep getting replaced by AI in a game even though I’m still in the game. Then when I try to reboot or anything it just says I’ve been kicked. This single issue has lost me over 1000 ELO. About to quit playing, has anyone discovered a fix for this?!

  • @xuorbed I have had this issue as well.
    It´s because I think I am still in the game, but in fact I am not. I have already been kicked! :boom: :frowning: It usually happens when I wait longer than usual for someone else to move. It is not displayed that it´s already my turn, because there is an unvisible connection issue. :eyes:
    So if any player seems to take longer than expected, I do 2 things:

    • I ask the other players (usually they can see something is amiss) :bust_in_silhouette: :question:

    • I qickly switch between chatlog and gamelog a few times. :arrows_counterclockwise: Most of the times, that does the trick. It also helps to speed up the game, if other players seem rather slow, but actually are not. :smiley:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen Usually by the time I realize there's a [supposed] "connection issue" I've already been kicked out of the game.

    They really need to make the networking more robust. You shouldn't have to do anything to keep it alive, and it's absurd that there can be a "connection issue" severe enough to kick you from the game during which time you are still able to carry on a conversation over chat and not realize you aren't in the game anymore and replaced by AI.

    [Even the player thinking they made a move, but none of the other players see it seems absurd - @administrators @Developers , why is the networking/game state so flakey!? Can't you require some kind of internal confirmation that game messages are successfully delivered and resend them if it doesn't go. Why does the game so often think there is a connection issue when there doesn't appear to be one (kicktimer going while you are playing your hand or chatting, if you are lucky enough to see it). While I'm sure this isn't "easy to program", it's also surprising how often it fails.]

  • @MonkeyZ Yes, fixing all these "connecton issues" would be on my priority list No. 1. So many players have trouble with Catan, while every other internet activity works just fine. The problem is not on our end.

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