Season Rewards

  • And another thing, at the time Honie asked about the top 1% you said the cut off would be around 110 and would only increase. At that time Honie said that the number of players in the reward/ranking were 6222 (highest ranked player) whereas it should have been 11000 according to your info. So that would mean that about 5000 players weren't visible in the ranking/reward list and would not get a reward. If you add those 5000 players to your 7300 players at season end, you get a number of about 12300 not taking into account that lot's of players will still have joined in the last 12 days. So that should mean everyone below 123 ranking should at least get the crown and probably even lower rankings considering how much players joinded in the last 12 days. And don't use the excuse that players did not end the season or did not play enough matches! If the players are mentioned in the ranking they have at least! played 5 games within the season and should also be takin into account for the final ranking. This is really making me furious!!!!

  • Ok, everyone. Here is the deal.

    @administrators made a mistake. A kind of stupid mistake, to be honest, and I want to apologize for that.

    When @administrators checked the rankings before the seasons was over he did search for the last player that has been listed with the percentage value of “1”.

    Unfortunately, that means we searched for the player that effectively had was at the percentage of “1,9xxx%”
    What we should have done is enter the value “0”. that way we would have been able to identify the player at “0,99xxx%”

    It was an honest mistake and we do apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.

  • There's only one way you can correct this and that is by giving all players with ranking 200 or lower the crown. By stating the false information the administrator has clearly influenced gameplay and results. As I said if I would have known 118 would not be enough to get the crown I would have played as long as to be sure to get the crown. I have paid for the basic game to be able to play the season and get the crown. This way you are tricking people into paying for the basic game to be able to play for the season and then you fool them by giving misleading results so they have to play another season and use/buy scrolls for that.
    That is not fair to say the least and you are apparantly only caring about the revenue/money.
    Now you even start the option to gain an 'emperor' crown if you win 4 crowns for each game. That again is only a trick to get more money and you don't even get it right to show the 1% info so everyone can know where the cut off is and eve provide false information.
    If I don't get the crown I will start a legal procedure as an example for all players who have been tricked into buying the base game and have been robbed the crown they should have gotten.

  • And there's another thing. The administrator made that mistake 12 days! before season end and several times we talked about the 1% and apparantly no one of the @administrators administrators cared about that or took the effort to correct that. You had 12 days time!!!

  • These f-ups have happened constantly and very rarely do they actually make up for them. Giving a few people a POINTLESS badge is such a simple thing to do.

    Also, why do you even take this thing seriously? This game is full of bugs anyway. I bet a lot of people who actually made it into the top 1% didn't deserve it because the game froze or something :D

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