Sad day today

  • A truly sad day today! closes.
    Played the last game.
    Shed a tear.
    Off to other games.
    Too bad there is no web site anymore that allows you to play Catan anymore. So sad.

  • Yes. We cannot count this website. Catan is not playable here! Why launch it today, when the game is not playable anymore! Bring back the old plattform until the new one is playable!

  • couldn't agree more
    Just played my first and for now last game, 52 minutes!!!!! for a 3 player game
    No options at start, no offers for trade beside your turn
    totally terrifying

  • also had its downfalls, but at least it was playable. Whomever is coding for Catan Universe needs to either be a diehard player, or work with those who are. It is painfully slow, and frankly unplayable at this point in time.

  • Agreed. Simple was better and faster. the animations and lack of trading make for such a slow game. unplayable.

  • After beating my head against the new interface for 30 minutes, trying to play a single player game, I had to give up...the game won't show the settlements, roads nor the numbers...but the game keeps playing. Will not allow you to turn in cards, but will let other players do so. AND there is no where to submit questions or let the mods know of the problem. This site isn't even fit for beta testing let alone playing. So sad....

  • I tried the new client for 32 bit and startet a basis game wit 3 KIs. Although I had 5 wheat cards I could not trade with the bank. The next roll was a 7 .... This happened three times, then I gave up :-(

  • This is even worse than my best games on my Commodore 64 in the 80's.
    Can't believe this ... :pensive:

  • Years of Catan end here... I wonder if the creators of Catan Universe have ever played Catan...

  • I haven't managed a single game here. The graphics are terribly gaudy and time-wasting - a game that would have lasted 20 minutes on playcatan will easily take over an hour here simply because of the unnecessary animation.

  • indeed a sad day. i had a premium account on playcatan.. would have paid double just to hold it a bit longer... wouldn't pay a dime on the universe version. not yet. if at all it becomes any good in the future. :disappointed_relieved:

  • I am in catan withdrawal. I had a premium account on play catan and I played multiple games most days. Now i can't even figure out how to open or join a game on this platform! I'm going to walk away for now but hope they'll get it together.

  • Please bring back play catan.
    Numbers, settlements and roads aren't appearing on my board.
    It's so confusing and upsetting.
    I'd be happy to pay for the return of play catan.

  • I used to play on but it hasn't been working for like a sad because it was the best place to play out there...way better then playcatan

  • WHY THIS????!!!!! Playcatan was so simple and fast. Everybody thought the new platform would be an improved version of playcatan, but maintaining the simplicity. There's not even a list of games. This is awful!!

  • @sainer21 I had a premium account too! Everything was so simple in playcatan. This new platform is so wrong!

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