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    Using a IPad , Found the person I want to block under the find Friends. Tap name. No option to block appears/is available. How do you block a player without friending them first?

  • @Lucky7777 During the game:
    Go on the avatar of the player you want to block. Do a right mouseclick, and a menu appears with several options, one of them is block. Click on it with left mouseclick.
    After the game:
    When you click on statistics, the avatars are listed. Next to the avatars are symols for friendslist :heavy_plus_sign: and for blocking :no_entry_sign: . just click on the "no entry"- icon.

  • how do you Right click with a Ipad?

  • administrators

    @Lucky7777 you can tap and hold :)

  • @Administrator said:

    @Lucky7777 you can tap and hold :)

    I was not able to see this option, either in game or after the game.

    In game: if I tap or tap-and-hold, the icons become smaller; no options.
    End game: I go to player statistics and I see no option to either befriend or block. I have tapped and tapped-and-hold on the name of the player (no avatar there), but no options appear.

    I have an 6th Gen iPad, IOS 13.4.1 and the most recent version of CU.

    I like playing this game on the iPad more than on a PC, and considering the amount of childish / immature people I have already encountered I would like to preserve my fun in playing with other people and not tarnish the experience.

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